4. 09. 2019
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Creamfields, New Horizons Festival, Ushuaïa and Mysteryland 2019!
Used To Love is out now:
Can you rate my new dance moves? Thank you Creamfields, New Horizons Festival and Mysteryland for having me! Would you like to see more of these videos on my channel?
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Martin Garrix has risen to global stardom in pop as well as electronic circles - and yet he’s far from being done. Dance music’s freshest talent has headlined festivals around the globe, founded a label and mentored other artists and won the #1 spot in DJ Mag’s Top 100 three times in a row. His passion, ambition, drive and maturity remain unmatched in the world.
‘Animals’, released June 2013 was a breakout success and a game changer for the music industry. Reaching No. 1 in the UK and many other territories, it proved that a hard-hitting, dancefloor- oriented track could reach pop status, ultimately reaching over a billion streams across several platforms.
The six years since have been marked by a quick march through the ranks of dance music, conquering stages all around the world and releasing more breakout hits, showcasing his diversity. And diverse it has become looking at Garrix’ own releases, including the highly acclaimed Scared to Be Lonely (with Dua Lipa), ‘In The Name Of Love' (with Bebe Rexha), ‘There For You’ (with Troye Sivan), ‘Ocean' (with Khalid) and 'Summer Days' (with Macklemore and Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy). It’s clear that he has no producing boundaries, delivering dancefloor-oriented stompers as well as vocal-heavy and melodic pop anthems.
With his label STMPD RCRDS now firmly established, Garrix has free range to do exactly that which he loves most: making music.

  • Can you rate my new dance moves? Would you like to see more of these videos on my channel?

    Martin GarrixMartin GarrixPřed rokem

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    • I love you Martín Garrix

      phanny garrixphanny garrixPřed 2 měsíci
    • 10/10 amazing dance moves!

      Charles Brandon PerezCharles Brandon PerezPřed 5 měsíci
    • All those moves from 1:40 to 2:00 💯🤣🤣 totally dope man !! Yes, we want more of those moves and videos by you ❤️🤘🏽 can't wait to see you again on another ➕✖️ India tour 🇮🇳 we love you Martijn 💞😍

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    • I want more of this videos

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  • I need more😭

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  • I love you Martín Garrix ➕✖️❤️

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  • YES MARTIN, MORE VIDEOS HACI !! FAN 1, FROM 2017 MARTINSITO COME TO PERU! Road to Music Ultra PERU 2016, in 2016 you came to do a show

    Cristhian GutierrezCristhian GutierrezPřed 4 měsíci
  • The bottle flip challenge 🙈🙈

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  • Hello from GERMANY 👋😂🇩🇪😂😂

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  • I’m watching this again and I heard Martin say the legendary quote from rapper sjors

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  • 2:17 _Dutch knows it_

    Muhamad Dzaki AkramMuhamad Dzaki AkramPřed 8 měsíci
  • 1:34 what’s the song?

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  • Man in black 100😉😉

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  • I love😍😍😍😚😚💋💋💋

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  • What’s the song where your in the house and you scream louuiiisss

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  • Your Alsome and cool and I love you no matter what if you got a girlfriend

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  • what song is that?? 2:05

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  • Please the music 00:11 ?

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  • Huge fan man your one of my favourite dj 😎🤟👍😍🔥

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  • 10/10

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  • Ik hoor op 2:17 gewoon een rapper Sjors

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  • I would like to see more of these video

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  • The pointer finger did a lot

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  • 2:17 Rapper Sjors

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  • Inspiring for any musicians 🙏🔥🇧🇩

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  • save the trees donate to mrbeast

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  • Fiero di essere italiano 🇮🇹🇵🇱

  • Thats some noice dance moves right there, I RATE IT 10/10 UwU

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  • Rip pfp

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  • Mooie moves

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  • Big fan plz full video upload ade AMF 2019

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  • Sar I will rate you 100000000000000000000000 time

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  • Sar I am the biggest fan of u

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  • I wish to meet you in person Martin. Im a big fan of yours. I really like your music and mixes. Theyre all pretty cool. Im from the Philippines

    Prince Kyle BelenPrince Kyle BelenPřed rokem
  • Congratulations on second-place. GO Martin!!!!!!

    Mason YoungMason YoungPřed rokem
  • XDJ-RR!?

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  • Martin Garrix please you colaboration Conor Maynard i am fans you Indonesia 🇲🇨

    Rizzky Ardiansyah8000Rizzky Ardiansyah8000Před rokem
  • Martin Garrix please you colaboration Conor Maynard i am fans you Indonesia 🇲🇨

    Rizzky Ardiansyah8000Rizzky Ardiansyah8000Před rokem
  • Martin Garrix please you colaboration Conor Maynard i am fans you Indonesia 🇲🇨

    Rizzky Ardiansyah8000Rizzky Ardiansyah8000Před rokem
  • Martin Garrix please you colaboration Conor Maynard i am fans you Indonesia 🇲🇨

    Rizzky Ardiansyah8000Rizzky Ardiansyah8000Před rokem
    • Martin Garrix please you colaboration Conor Maynard i am fans you Indonesia 🇲🇨

      Rizzky Ardiansyah8000Rizzky Ardiansyah8000Před rokem
  • please tell me how and where to learn using fl studio

    Animesh AgarwalAnimesh AgarwalPřed rokem
  • I love you so much, you are the best DJ in ALL the world.

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  • What's the song at 1:44

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  • Do you though?

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  • You should sooo! do more of these videos, oh and the dance moves, 10/10 classic DJ, but I never want to see the "Martin garrix" go e.g when STMPD studio was getting finished

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  • Like si estás aquí por Kerios Riven (De una lista de reproducción 'MATCHUPS de RIVEN') XD

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  • You and a unique person, I love your moves, dances, fun way ... 100% your fan 😁😍💜

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  • Bro you owesom

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  • Someone knows the music at 0:10 i ve been looking for it for too long and i didn't manage to find it ?

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    • @Bram van Oosterhout thank you so much you saved my life 😂😂

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    • Lions in the Wild - Martin Garrix

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  • When you find out she’s not pregnant 1:50

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  • hello :))

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  • Nu ook die moves laten zien tijdens ADE en dan gaan we allemaal LOSSSSS!! Tot dan!

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  • Stay safe and healthy bro music needs you to deliver! 🔥🔥🔥

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  • Your life looks very happy! Always smile!! I'll always be watching you!! l love you♡+×

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  • ♥️

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  • Can you dance Vinahouse :3 I will teach you if you want to learn :3

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  • Martijn ga is een keer tech house maken. Ik zie dat je het leuk vind

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  • That's my bro Martin Garrix.

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  • Te amo ❤️❤️

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  • How can one person be so fucking cute omg the dance moves hahaha love you so much

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  • 0:34 What name of this song?

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    • What they part singing?

      Omar Abdullah Muslat Al AjmiOmar Abdullah Muslat Al AjmiPřed rokem
    • mistaken

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  • Dear +x team we are still waiting for the next season of Martin Garrix Show. Big up to all the fans of this legend. +x forever

    Boniem JoshBoniem JoshPřed rokem
  • Martin you are the greatest Creator of music, I would like to talk to you personally! Answer me please personally, very much...

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  • can collaborations with ILLENIUM and LENNON STELLA

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    • @Shu-Xin Hung thank

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    • hieu do trung it’s called lions in the wild by Martin Garrix and Third Party

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