MEETING DEAN LEWIS | The Martin Garrix Show S4.E3

19. 11. 2019
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The Martin Garrix Show Season 4 Episode 3 - DEAN LEWIS
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Never not working on new music. This is how we wrote Used To Love with Dean Lewis!
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  • Never not working on new music. This is how we wrote Used To Love with Dean Lewis!

    Martin GarrixMartin GarrixPřed rokem
    • Love it ❤️ Really enjoy hearing u sing!

      Monique GomezMonique GomezPřed 26 dny
    • Okey my friend.

      Emîrû'l ÜmérâEmîrû'l ÜmérâPřed rokem
    • GAZetar juli ristani

      Maliq IbrajMaliq IbrajPřed rokem
    • I love you

      khánh phạmkhánh phạmPřed rokem
    • you manage to impact my life with your songs, for 7 years each one of them has been a hymn for me. I admire you Martin.

      Irazú AndradeIrazú AndradePřed rokem
  • Thank God you're healthy now

    Incle 1412Incle 1412Před 9 dny
  • L loveee you martin 😍🥺🤩🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Blanca HernandezBlanca HernandezPřed 26 dny
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Blanca HernandezBlanca HernandezPřed 26 dny
  • 🥺🥺🥺🥺

    Blanca HernandezBlanca HernandezPřed 26 dny
  • Great collab! Sooo beautiful people behind this soo beautiful song. Thank you Martin Garrix and Dean Lewis💖💖💖

    I am Leilani QuevedoI am Leilani QuevedoPřed měsícem
  • Used to Love ❣️

    Maongtemjen JamirMaongtemjen JamirPřed 2 měsíci
  • so beautiful man

    Deniz MusicDeniz MusicPřed 3 měsíci
  • Martin cannot hug ppl rn sadly

    DJDJPřed 3 měsíci
  • Rest your body... 😊😊 your friends love you so much so tc... 😀😀 kissing seen is good... Cute couple 😊😊

    lh gkci kgckgcklh gkci kgckgckPřed 4 měsíci
  • best part 6:03

    José LucasJosé LucasPřed 4 měsíci
  • Thank me later

    Morabet YounessMorabet YounessPřed 4 měsíci
  • 4:12 I love that ” budidudiii”

    Woodja BlowmeWoodja BlowmePřed 4 měsíci
  • Martin, Dean and Albin singing 2:53

    The Soccer SprintsThe Soccer SprintsPřed 4 měsíci
  • 😲😂😂😂

    Kechon TKamwaingatetaakeKechon TKamwaingatetaakePřed 5 měsíci
  • no matter what works must go on haha love ya marti

    Uma DeviUma DeviPřed 5 měsíci

    Nicolas UribeNicolas UribePřed 7 měsíci
  • the girl who took him off to the car was really beautiful .........

    Rename BeansRename BeansPřed 7 měsíci
  • Me : gets inspirated Also me : opens fl studio And also me : closes fl studio instantly

    Jeffrey ッJeffrey ッPřed 9 měsíci
    • Same lmao

      soph ;;soph ;;Před 6 měsíci
  • This is why is my favorite song in my entire life, the way how was built it, the meaning and it just became in the perfect time to my life, that song describes my feeling for the last 2 months. Thank you Martin Lov you

    Laura Castrillòn JaramilloLaura Castrillòn JaramilloPřed 9 měsíci
  • 7:51. You did it. And I love you for this. Now, after, the vision of the series... I cry from happiness. I dance with more energy on them. This happens with every song I hear that's yours. LOL from Italy!

    Francesca SimondiFrancesca SimondiPřed 10 měsíci
  • so base what martin said on boat he tries to achieve what avicii achieved be an inspiration be the feelings of other people good luck with that martin my wishes go to you

    Miltos BelasMiltos BelasPřed 10 měsíci
  • And you impacted my life, your music impacted my life, really. I love you so much and I'll always be thankful to u

    Julie BarréJulie BarréPřed 10 měsíci
  • iThe Martin Garrix Show Season 4 Episode 3 - DEAN LEWIS loveeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Anyelis DiazAnyelis DiazPřed 11 měsíci
  • even when dean lewis sang it the first time in this vid i got goosebumps he has such an insane voice he dont even need to try.

    FlattakeFlattakePřed rokem
  • Dans met jou of course

    Jacob GJacob GPřed rokem
  • 2:46 effe track maken met rapper sjors 💪🔥

    Robin de GraafRobin de GraafPřed rokem
  • ❤❤❤❤❤

    Dhinu SanuDhinu SanuPřed rokem
  • Which laptop does martin use?

    Arie NarbergArie NarbergPřed rokem
  • ik was ook bij het amc voor me kies transplantatie

    hans gameboyhans gameboyPřed rokem
  • Martijin 17:51 quizás no lo leas pero ese es el himno de mí vida es exactamente lo que me pasa lo que siento gracias!!!

    The ToxicThe ToxicPřed rokem
  • Martin Garrix singing Lol

    Bilal ShamsBilal ShamsPřed rokem
  • Yesbreakme Martín Garrix quiero ser tu aprendiz

    Raymundo AguilarRaymundo AguilarPřed rokem
  • Yo martin will come in india in sunburn I am waiting for u Martin ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    Drashti SevakDrashti SevakPřed rokem
  • ❤❤❤❤

    Morteza 24Morteza 24Před rokem
  • Martin is Fat Right now..

    Azura InfernoAzura InfernoPřed rokem
  • used to love is probably my favourite song at the moment. two of my favourite musicians coming together, and one even from my country? it's a match made in heaven. and plus the song is special because i introduced it to my best friends on one of their bdays as we were driving home, and they both loved it. so now it's connected us in a way - it has a memory attached to it now just like marty wanted it

    StarrimossStarrimossPřed rokem
  • Love you Martin Garrix 💖 Desde Guatemala 🇬🇹

    Yessica OrellanaYessica OrellanaPřed rokem
  • 💕🎶

    Khushhal SankhlaKhushhal SankhlaPřed rokem
  • The intro song is dope. Could anyone name it?

    Farhath BanuFarhath BanuPřed rokem
    • Glitch

      Juan VeraJuan VeraPřed rokem
  • Dean’s voice was just incredible! Love this song so much! I hope still more to come in the future from you guys👍👍👍

    colin0622colin0622Před rokem
  • Can we get an acoustic???

    Chakradhara ChowdaryChakradhara ChowdaryPřed rokem
  • he doesn't deserve to be at the top 2 on this year dj mag. look how awesome he is.

    Vy GomezVy GomezPřed rokem
  • The early version was so beautiful ❤🙌

    Carl ArnexoCarl ArnexoPřed rokem
  • That's why you down to 2nd position on dj mag 2019

    Yogesh RamYogesh RamPřed rokem
  • Que bueno todo salio bien 👍😘😍💗

    Rosa PerezRosa PerezPřed rokem
  • Yaaaaas guys! Martijn, you inspire me alot cause.. You are always happy and you try to to have the best actittude so.. 🙌 Wooooo!! Congratulations guys this episode was funny and Used to love is a beaaaautiful song! ✨ PD Muuuuuua Charelle ❤😙

    ara Romeroara RomeroPřed rokem
  • Martijn you're really special ❤

    Lucia 252Lucia 252Před rokem
  • que bueno que ya te estás recuperando

    Samir LMSamir LMPřed rokem
  • So sad 😢😢😢

    justin huangjustin huangPřed rokem
  • OMG are you sick. 😷😷😷😷😷

  • Soy tu fan

    Bayron olalde HuertaBayron olalde HuertaPřed rokem
  • Hey martin keep spreading happiness and that energy damn it's overwhelming when I saw you dancing and what ever you do!! MY MAN!!

    Jardani SuarezJardani SuarezPřed rokem
  • :( + martin garrix = :)

    shobha awareshobha awarePřed rokem
  • You impact my life with your music 💙

    Ramiro HernàndezRamiro HernàndezPřed rokem
  • Tnq you martin, Iam waiting for see how you write song with other amazing artists.good luck!

    chamitha rukmalchamitha rukmalPřed rokem
  • Hey martjin then where's Nicky Romero?

    Alen V BAlen V BPřed rokem
  • Hey Martin i dont like your beard

    SebixonSebixonPřed rokem
  • 3: 49 la mejor parte ❤ 3: 49 the best part ❤

    Andres AlvizAndres AlvizPřed rokem
  • You all should also respect Albin Nedler, who is very talented hitmaker... Give him also some appreciation

    Tomáš PrášilTomáš PrášilPřed rokem
  • An acoustic version of this song please. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    Daniel Lim Jun KitDaniel Lim Jun KitPřed rokem
  • Hahaha yeah lets go Rapper sjors

    Tom PrevooTom PrevooPřed rokem
  • Желаю успехов тебе Мартин и очень хочу лично познакомиться 👍😊

    Ильдар ИдрисовИльдар ИдрисовPřed rokem
  • i’m obsessed with marty ily martijn garritsen

    NolanNolanPřed rokem
  • you manage to impact my life with your songs, for 7 years each one of them has been a hymn for me. I admire you Martin.

    Irazú AndradeIrazú AndradePřed rokem
  • dia adalah pria yang sederhana. kaos bolong-bolong aja masih dipake guys.

    Akhyar MusofaAkhyar MusofaPřed rokem
  • Wow! Martin realmente me impresionas me encanta ver lo apasionado que eres por tu trabajo, se ve que lo disfrutas demasiado en cada vídeo se nota lo agradecido que estás con la vida y especialmente con tu equipo de trabajo. Si que eres un ídolo digno! Buscas dejar algo en el mundo con tu música tu lo haz dicho! I'm so proud of you!❤️ Back to León! 🇲🇽❤️

    Griselda ManriqueGriselda ManriquePřed rokem
  • haha ik ga stuk rapper Sjors

    YoungherbalistaYoungherbalistaPřed rokem
  • Soy la unica que quedo perdida con tanto ingles? 😂 Te amo martin! Ojala pudieran traducirlo al español❤

    Diana RodriguezDiana RodriguezPřed rokem
  • 😢💖

    Timea TimeaTimea TimeaPřed rokem
  • Man I love this track and how it came about as well. This also resonated with me a lot I lost my wife when our daughter was 8mo and no joke goin back to our home and everything it’s exactly how it was for me. It’s an amazing song thank you for bringing back some of the best memories of my life. While also helping me heal more. It’s an inspiration and I wanna thank u and dean for the track forreal bro.

    Zayuh 708Zayuh 708Před rokem
  • intro song please

    Boris IvkovićBoris IvkovićPřed rokem
  • It’s awesome to see how “Used to Love” came to be. I can’t wait to hear the other track you and Dean Lewis are working on!

    ShadowSorraShadowSorraPřed rokem
  • an Australian yaayayayay

    Lyra PhilpLyra PhilpPřed rokem
  • hi

    KedomKedomPřed rokem
  • better than netflix

    Vivek FirodiyaVivek FirodiyaPřed rokem
  • Who fan Martin Garrix in Viet Nam

    Tuongvan NguyenTuongvan NguyenPřed rokem
  • Imagine being his doctor

    Elijah HaringElijah HaringPřed rokem
  • I would like an acoustic version of Used to loved ❤

    BassPlayer MusicBassPlayer MusicPřed rokem
  • Love that Martin get your rest and heal. Had surgery myself and healed but still under chemo/radiation treatment. Best of luck.... martin my middle name.

    Ralph BuckRalph BuckPřed rokem
  • Sick 💥💥😍

    Neymar FirewolfNeymar FirewolfPřed rokem
  • So amazing song and hope to hear more songs with Dean Lewis

    Simone KuhnSimone KuhnPřed rokem
  • 💙🙃😎

    Anita ChavezAnita ChavezPřed rokem
  • I love Martin and his music! Great duet, he and Dean

    Francisco D.jalmaFrancisco D.jalmaPřed rokem

    Isabel GomezIsabel GomezPřed rokem
  • Quiero ser como tu con todas mis fuerzas

    Xitlali SantanaXitlali SantanaPřed rokem
  • Te amo Martin eres mi ejemplo a seguir

    Xitlali SantanaXitlali SantanaPřed rokem
  • Martin: We didn't record today to give his voice some rest Also Martin: practices with Dean 1000000000000 times that day lmaoooo

    david owagadavid owagaPřed rokem
  • Pronta recuperación Martin Garrix, se que estaras bien como antes, exitos en toda tu carrera artistica. Saludos desde Lima, Perú 🇵🇪 suerte

    ZoropezaZoropezaPřed rokem
  • 4:05 me recordó a avicii 🥺

    Edwin samayoa_Edwin samayoa_Před rokem
  • After surgery I hope you feeling better Martin ( my favorite artist )

    Mayur BhendawadekarMayur BhendawadekarPřed rokem
  • I just wanna know who edits these

    ImerenceImerencePřed rokem
  • When you said that you make music to change someone’s emotions or life, all of your songs have done this for me 💜 I can’t thank you enough

    Geogia FullerGeogia FullerPřed rokem
  • Less than 1% of infection... less than 1% to be one of the most talented DJs in the world. Jk Hope all is better, this season has shown the true genuinity of his love for his shows and fans

    WuToDoubleWuToDoublePřed rokem
  • Great

    KimKimPřed rokem
  • What type of cap is Dean Lewis Wearing?

  • Solo diré dos palabras 😑 ME ENCANTA 😍❤

    Gabriela Canales LechugaGabriela Canales LechugaPřed rokem
  • Used To Love hits different after the breakup, both Martijn & Charelle deserve everyone respect. One hell of a year for both of them

    Nur Sharmil Aqamar SafeeiNur Sharmil Aqamar SafeeiPřed rokem
  • Dean sounds real

  • 7:11 Albin's face

    DimosDimosPřed rokem