The Martin Garrix Show: S3.E14 Season Finale

3. 12. 2018
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The Martin Garrix Show: Season 3 Episode 14 Season Finale
Glitch with Julian Jordan is out now:
The final episode of an amazing third season! So thankful for everyone coming out to my RAI show this year and I'm so proud of the team that we did it even better than last year!
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  • The final episode of this season! Hope you enjoyed my journey and thank you so much for watching! ❤️

    Martin GarrixMartin GarrixPřed 2 lety
    • ➕✖️🇳🇱

      phanny garrixphanny garrixPřed 2 měsíci
    • I love you garrix

      phanny garrixphanny garrixPřed 2 měsíci
    • I love Martín Garrix

      phanny garrixphanny garrixPřed 2 měsíci
    • Martin Garrix Martin gaatt 😀👊🏻☀️ l linda🥰🍔🍟🍣🍺👍🍕

      Linda BeversLinda BeversPřed 6 měsíci
    • Martin I really love these episodes you do it shows us a whole new dimension of your work which makes it super special...Big Love Martin❤💯please keep these episodes up💯💯

      Kirk BoussougouKirk BoussougouPřed 10 měsíci
  • "You have to work hard if you want to do something cool" Simple but true wisdom Martin :)

    Ryan LindseyRyan LindseyPřed 4 hodinami
  • Martin is God Of Music, came on earth to make everyone happy and make earth a better place. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️

    shubham kshubham kPřed 4 dny
  • This episode is so f***ing sick!!!

    Divine-S Music ElvisDivine-S Music ElvisPřed 8 dny
  • Gabe is a real talent💖....he just boosts up the energy with the best music of Martin Garrix ❤️'s really the best combination ever❣️

    Kunal AkuliKunal AkuliPřed 12 dny
  • Just wooooow❤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    meba pathawmeba pathawPřed 24 dny
  • L love you martin 😍

    Blanca HernandezBlanca HernandezPřed měsícem
  • 😍😍😍

    Blanca HernandezBlanca HernandezPřed měsícem
  • I love how after 4 years of doing shows he still enjoys them.

    Peter TurnerPeter TurnerPřed měsícem
  • MAN I tell you, this guy is a freaking gem we are fortunate to have, his way to treat his fans as himself is something nobody does frequently, a monster of humbleness, LIFE : CRAZY!

    Michael ArocaMichael ArocaPřed měsícem
  • 8:10 😨😨😨😨😨😨🥰❤❤❤

    Mohamed DibraniMohamed DibraniPřed měsícem
  • The armpit goosebumps got me 😂

    Swirl AndTwirlSwirl AndTwirlPřed 2 měsíci
  • Wow I loved it

    phanny garrixphanny garrixPřed 2 měsíci
  • 11:13 ❤️

    DerriesDerriesPřed 2 měsíci
  • No puedo creer que un vídeo así me haga tan feliz, sos y seras siempre mi ejemplo a seguir. El mejor de mundo sos vos

    Santy RomanoSanty RomanoPřed 2 měsíci
  • Pls upload the new Martin Garrix Show, were all waiting and cant wit to see the new episodes :DDDDDDDDD

    BjarneBjarnePřed 2 měsíci
  • Yes sir

    yong qiyong qiPřed 3 měsíci
  • A big shout out to Gabe and his amazing work🤘

    Abhinav TyagiAbhinav TyagiPřed 4 měsíci
  • 2:35 “MmMmMMmmMm”

    Joseph Arriaga AdventuresJoseph Arriaga AdventuresPřed 4 měsíci
  • EngravityEngravityPřed 4 měsíci
  • Where is the acoustic version of high on life?🥺

    Edouard BellflammeEdouard BellflammePřed 5 měsíci
  • Fuck man, you know how to hit me all in the feels. I love the gratitude towards everyone that you work with. Showing the amount of love to each person that you do means more to them than you’ll even know my friend. Keep it fucking going!

    Steven SchonewolfSteven SchonewolfPřed 5 měsíci
  • Memories

    Dipti SDipti SPřed 5 měsíci
  • bravo pour ta performance lors de ton show a the lether amsterdam

    Laurent GuillevicLaurent GuillevicPřed 7 měsíci
  • IDK why but this makes me emotional 😭😭❤️❤️

    Shantanu ChangmaiShantanu ChangmaiPřed 7 měsíci
  • I love you Garrix❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ thanks for making our lives a bit better ❤️❤️❤️

    Shantanu ChangmaiShantanu ChangmaiPřed 7 měsíci
  • You’re such a great person... every single time I cry when I saw your video’s lol and yeah I’m not a kid but it’s really very hard to stop myself ... May Allah bless you and your family... lots of love for you Mr pizza 🍕 lover It’s me Arafath from Bangladesh 🇧🇩 your big fan

    Arafath hussainArafath hussainPřed 7 měsíci
  • i dont know what to say

    dake wudake wuPřed 8 měsíci
    • Same, he is so good. What do you think of my song and video btw?!

      SharkieSharkiePřed 8 měsíci
  • martin you touch my heart like im getting ghoose bumps and i want to be adj like you martin you really touc my heart like in my heart is feel want to cry martin i love you you mad the world wish can see you one day

    dake wudake wuPřed 8 měsíci
  • 14:00 I love how he's always filming his fans aswell. he's just as shocked as them and loving them

    TysonIsKetchyTysonIsKetchyPřed 8 měsíci
    • It's so wholesome. What do you think of my song and video btw? Good username too

      SharkieSharkiePřed 8 měsíci
  • Ahhhhhh ! Still having goosebumps for watching the thissss 😭 I LOVE YOUUUU +x

    Kate CrntKate CrntPřed 8 měsíci
    • It is so good. Nice vlogs btw. What do you think of my song and video?!

      SharkieSharkiePřed 8 měsíci
  • I've only seen Martin once (Coachella 2017 - where I stood out in the crowd during the set pointed at him and he pointed back me!) and I've met my fair share of DJs in my life and most of them were nice but maaan does he seem like one of the most genuinely nicest DJs/producers ever. Can't wait to see you rock it again Martin!

    Ivan LuIvan LuPřed 9 měsíci
  • 6:40

    Hernan OHernan OPřed 10 měsíci
  • I love 🇩🇴♥️🇩🇴

    Dj vortex RamónDj vortex RamónPřed 10 měsíci

    Dani SalvatierraDani SalvatierraPřed 10 měsíci
  • From Orlando Florida Martin I love you... 😁💙 Flying on private jets makes me tired 😴

    Kara HeneghanKara HeneghanPřed 11 měsíci
  • Yeah, I do need to eat healthy, balance, right.

    Willie VaughnWillie VaughnPřed 11 měsíci
    • It's really important. What do you think of my song and video btw?!

      SharkieSharkiePřed 8 měsíci
  • 👍👍🏅

    DJ HARRIUSDJ HARRIUSPřed 11 měsíci
  • Sin duda eres el mejor...

    Ernesto PechErnesto PechPřed 11 měsíci
  • muito legal sua energia garoto espero que meus filhos quando crescerem escutem boas musicas com boa energia como as suas PARABENS

    Jjj JrJjj JrPřed 11 měsíci

    SAULINツSAULINツPřed rokem
  • CaesarnmnjbhbbbhjhhhgygtftcrcrxesQWvze r r 5vhhynunjmim,o.”ppppllmin. H.hun. Huub h h. Bühne

    Caesar SchreinerCaesar SchreinerPřed rokem
  • Me Hace llorar un gran DJ Martín Garrix es el mejor DJ que a crecido y sigue adelante con su buena música

    Sergio Adrián Cruz RománSergio Adrián Cruz RománPřed rokem
  • This episode should be renamed and call it the "PERFECT SALAD"

    jziejziePřed rokem
  • Martin garrix I love ur vids

    Tanya PaxtonTanya PaxtonPřed rokem
  • I cry seeing this episode ADE week is just a surreal experience ❤️😍

    Lucero GonzalesLucero GonzalesPřed rokem
  • Don't tell bad words martin

    Yassin MohamedYassin MohamedPřed rokem
  • Amo a la persona que le puso los subtítulos en español el mejor

    Maria CastañedaMaria CastañedaPřed rokem
  • Somos teus FAM MARTI+ GARRI×

    Jobson CoelhoJobson CoelhoPřed rokem
  • Wanna be an epic producer like you one day!!! You have my respect man

    Luis VidalonLuis VidalonPřed rokem
    • He is so awesome. What do you think of my song and video btw Luis?!

      SharkieSharkiePřed 8 měsíci
  • "How do you keep up this life".. would be fucking funny if he'd reply with 'cocaine is a hell of drug'

    GekkeHenkGekkeHenkPřed rokem
  • I love hoy martijn

    latzi montalolatzi montaloPřed rokem
  • Love you Martin

    MelanieHfrMelanieHfrPřed rokem
  • Love U

    MelanieHfrMelanieHfrPřed rokem

    phillip van rhynphillip van rhynPřed rokem
  • Shocking that he dosent know recordbox! Neither do i

    DweltMusic OfficialDweltMusic OfficialPřed rokem
  • 2019?

    Candela milagro RodríguezCandela milagro RodríguezPřed rokem
  • Martin Garrix seems like the nicest guy in the world “Martin will hug you Garrix” haha

    fast02gtfast02gtPřed rokem
  • You have a crazy energy Martin no suprise your as famous you are Your fucking awesome

    Anton KirkAnton KirkPřed rokem
  • I like the colors when you do your DJing 🤘👍

    Emily i love Mississippi State KnightEmily i love Mississippi State KnightPřed rokem
  • I love you Martin so much like a lot 💓

    Emily i love Mississippi State KnightEmily i love Mississippi State KnightPřed rokem
  • Pizza is good I love pizza a lot 🍕🍕😊

    Emily i love Mississippi State KnightEmily i love Mississippi State KnightPřed rokem
  • Oh how I LOVE this boy. Such amazing talent and charisma. His soul is magnetic.

    Jesse SaboJesse SaboPřed rokem
  • Hello, im from 2019, season four from this show is out

    Cheese manCheese manPřed rokem
  • 15:48. Beautiful.

    Review StoopidReview StoopidPřed rokem
  • Martijn said eating pizza makes him fat. The main reason he is eating salads and other healthy stuff so that his gf doesn't dump him. Hey Martijn no offence

    Saswat MahapatraSaswat MahapatraPřed rokem
  • Martin Garrix- One in a million boy, One of most blessed person in world, Mutli talented, Beautiful soul, Great son & Brother, Wonderful boyfriend, Lengendary Artist and A Part time bar tender too😁❤️

    Nitesh KumarNitesh KumarPřed rokem
  • I was just getting goosebumps while watching the video

    LUVLUVPřed rokem
  • My heart is jumping with they🥺❤️❤️❤️

    Lea BljerzLea BljerzPřed rokem
  • 13:09 luckiest fan😊

    Mr. BucksMr. BucksPřed rokem
  • La mejor canción que e escuchado

    GOLI ATGOLI ATPřed rokem
  • Eh cuando vendras a El Salvador Martin Garrix ?

    Daniel DJDaniel DJPřed rokem
  • He was soooo amazing ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    MMPřed rokem
  • Nunca fui em um show seu, mas só de ver já fico até sem palavras, simplesmente o melhor da história, até me emociono!

    Marcus SoaresMarcus SoaresPřed rokem
  • 11:21 How cute C. sqeeks

    Timo NanukTimo NanukPřed rokem
    • Timo Nanuk lol I have never heard her talk

      Kir BKir BPřed 8 měsíci
  • Can we also give Damian and Gabe a round of applause.

    Noha AccadNoha AccadPřed rokem
    • Kudos

      Prakhar SharmaPrakhar SharmaPřed 3 měsíci
    • A huge appreciation for them! They're damn good!

      Harshit JainHarshit JainPřed 4 měsíci
  • Continue like that do not stop even if it's hard good luck 😉😉

    Ludovic PourquierLudovic PourquierPřed rokem
  • Derien Martin garrix is the best dj 😊👍🏼👍🏼🎚️🎛️🎧

    Ludovic PourquierLudovic PourquierPřed rokem
  • Music is everything

    Siddhant Chaurasia VideosSiddhant Chaurasia VideosPřed rokem
  • We want season 4 ❤️❤️❤️

    Shreyash NigamShreyash NigamPřed rokem
  • What is the intro song ? 😂

    KlobuXKlobuXPřed rokem
  • First two music ?

    coki saputracoki saputraPřed rokem
  • First one music

    coki saputracoki saputraPřed rokem
  • What an unbelivable guy!

    Ʀ៩ᖱ០nƦ៩ᖱ០nPřed rokem
  • what a life garrix has

    jonny degnanjonny degnanPřed rokem
  • 3:24 Brazil?

    a l e 'a l e 'Před rokem
  • Who is waiting for season four????

    the unknownthe unknownPřed rokem
  • you are my life .is very imortent .

    Gaurav gargGaurav gargPřed rokem
  • But how?

    Dark Angel • 11 Years AgoDark Angel • 11 Years AgoPřed rokem
  • Yunow, when I read this I actually thought you wanted to audition for Hollywood '_'

    Dark Angel • 11 Years AgoDark Angel • 11 Years AgoPřed rokem
  • goed bezig maat

    DJ ian_beDJ ian_bePřed rokem
  • I saw Nickey Romero at 5:06

    Akira. LoverAkira. LoverPřed rokem
  • You worked you ass off for this man you deserve our love, respect... Marty we love ya always

  • Season 4 pleeeeeeaassee!!!

    Caleb LackieCaleb LackiePřed rokem
  • Pizza makes you fat but I know, you still love pizza 💙😄

    deven prabhulkardeven prabhulkarPřed rokem
  • They never captured ezoo in New York ):

    MrJoeyAngVMrJoeyAngVPřed rokem
  • Everybody stay sexy - Martin garrix

    jack millsjack millsPřed rokem
  • I saw your tweet that the new one is coming out soon and I am sooo excited! If you are reading this Martijin, I love you and I hope I will be able to meet you one day. You are a huge inspiration in everything I do. I've been your fan since 2013 so thank you for everything that you do because you and your music means happines in my life. Thank you brother ❤🙌

    Jerko ArtukovićJerko ArtukovićPřed rokem
  • Season 4 ??? Please keep making videos like this..

    Sanket ChaudhariSanket ChaudhariPřed rokem
  • fucking amazing

    Jonah HallewellJonah HallewellPřed rokem